BIOSAFE bag incineration boxes, with a capacity of 10.5 liters, are specially designed for the safe collection and disposal of medical waste. They are equipped with yellow “Biological Hazard” bags, intended for the collection of waste that is not stinging or cutting, such as alcohol compresses, medical cotton, plasters, etc., after the completion of the medical act. The boxes are made of a triple layer of cardboard, having a parallelepipedal shape, equipped with a handle and an insulating slot for easy and safe handling. They are marked according to safety regulations and include the “Biological Hazard” icon, instructions for use, maximum fill level and signs warning of hazardous contents. The cardboard boxes and the corresponding bags comply with the rules imposed by the Ministry of Health and Family according to order 1226/2012 published in the Official Gazette no. 885/18.12.2012. Also, the products have ADR certificate from IPROCHIM SA, guaranteeing compliance with safety and transport standards.

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